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Welcome to Qiu Lab Wiki @ Hunter
Weigang Qiu, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Hunter College of
City University of New York
Belfer Research Building, Room 402
413 East  69th Street, New York, NY 10021
Office: 1-212-896-0445
Email: wqiu-at-(

Fieldwork Gallery

Lab publications

Lyme Genomics, Evolution, & Ecology

Evolution & Learning Algorithms

Informatics Tool Development

last update: March 20, 2023

Lab members and trainees

Year/Period Doctoral members & trainees Other members & trainees
Current Academic Year

(Fall 2022, Spring 2023 & Summer 2023)

  • Li Li (Lily): CUNY Grad Center, Biology/EEB doctoral program
  • Brandon Ely: CUNY Grad Center, Biology/MCD doctoral program
  • Dr Yozen Hernandez: System administrator (part-time), Ph.D. from Boston University
  • Dr Oliver Attie: Research associate (volunteer), Ph.D. from NYU
  • Tasmina Hassan: Hunter Bio/CS
  • Mathew DiCicco: Hunter Math/CS
  • Tara Doma Lama: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics
  • Hagar Abuzaid: Hunter Bio
Alumni (Since Fall 2002)
  • Dr Lia Di: Ph.D. from Nanjing Agricultural University & Wisconsin Blood Institute
  • Dr Saymon Akther (2022): CUNY Grad Center, Biology/EEB
  • Dr Rayees Rahman: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics, Ph.D. from Mt Sinai Medical School
  • Dr Che Martin (2013): CUNY Grad Center, Biology/MCD
  • Dr James Haven (2011): CUNY Grad Center, Biology/MCD
  • Dr Tika Sukarna (2009): CUNY Grad Center, Biology/MCD
  • Dr Juan Coronado (2008): CUNY Grad Center, Biology/MCD (Dr Peter Lipke)
  • Dr William McCaig: CUNY BA, Ph.D. from Stony Brook University
  • Dr Vincent Xue: CUNY CS/Bioinformatics, Ph.D. from MIT
  • Dr Fubin Li: CUNY Grad Center, Biology/MCD (Dr Laurel Eckhardt)

(published coauthors)

  • Brian Sulkow: CUNY Grad Center, Mathematics
  • Winston Koh: Hunter Bio/CS
  • Eamen Ho: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics
  • Ahn Pham: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics
  • Chris Panlasigui: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics
  • Amanda Amanda Larracuente: CUNY Grad Center, Biology/MCD
  • Pedro Pagan: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics
  • Edgaras Bezrucenkovas: Hunter Chem/Bioinformatics
  • Girish Ramrattan: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics
  • Levy Vargas: Hunter Bio/Bioinformatics
  • Chong Di: Hunter Geography
  • Roy Nunez: Hunter Bio
  • Mei Wu: CUNY City Tech
  • Desiree Pante: Hunter Bio
  • Saimtun Shipa: Hunter Stat (MA)
  • Bing Wu: Hunter Bio/Biotechnology
  • Svidatoslav Kendall (Slav): Hunter Biology
  • Philip Romov: Hunter CS

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